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Proxmox: My Homelab’s Hypervisor

Currently, I have a small homelab that consists of my old computer, which I’ve repurposed into a server for testing purposes. I’ve chosen to use Proxmox as my operating system, and I run several containers and virtual machines from it. To learn more about how I went about installing and initially configuring Proxmox, check this post. To keep up-to-date on my homelab adventures, check my blog posts – ACTUAL POSTS COMING SOON.

Look familiar? It should

If you’re reading this, you’re already looking at one of my projects. This website has taught me a lot of different things, from using IaaS offerings and Cloudflare, to database management and web design. I’ll be making more blog posts in the future to cover topics such as how I host this website and how AI has aided me in certain elements of the process of creating this site.

windows server sandbox

Utilising Hyper-V Manager, I’ve created a homelab which includes various Windows Server and Windows 10 virtual machines in order to utilise and learn about Windows domain features such as Active Directory Domain Controllers, Group Policies, DHCP, and more.